Dynamint Muscle Roll On

Dynamint Muscle Roll On

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Dynamint™ has a refreshing peppermint smell and is non-greasy upon application… it’s for use both pre and post sporting activity or by anyone with general aches and pains. Upon application Dynamint provides a gentle cooling sensation following by a feeling of ‘applied heat’.

Dynamint's special formula ensures a unique penetrative performance, allowing it to get to work almost immediately: If you’re looking for a natural solution then Dynamint is a great option. It contains Peppermint oil, Eucalyptus oil, Tea Tree oil and Calendula in a gentle cream base and contains no parabens, drugs or chemicals.

As a natural muscle relaxant, it provides soothing, cool-warm therapy to help alleviate discomfort fast - Dynamint is widely used by many professional sports people and therapists.

Suitable for all ages, it gets to work on muscles - exactly where it's needed - almost immediately.

Simply apply a small amount and you'll feel it working on your muscles and joints. Dynamint doesn't leave behind any sticky or unpleasant residues or stain your clothes.

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